Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The velvet scented softness of the petals of a flower
  Cannot outdo the beauty of your skin
The glistening of the raindrops from a sudden summer shower
  Are nothing to the shine that is within

The first time that I saw you as you rested on my bed
    I gasped to see such beauty at my call
The image of your body is now etched inside my head
    A perfect bloom whose petals never fall

My fingers trace your textures and my eyes perceive your form
    No rose could be more beautiful to me
No flower bed has beauty that is quite so fresh and warm
    No shrub has blooms that I’d prefer to see

Your eyes were so appealing as they bade me pluck your best
    Your arms soon wrapped me where I’d long to stay
The single bloom I sampled means I’m longing for the rest
    I yearn to see your beauty every day

You are my only rosebud, you’re the orchid of my eye
    A botanist would die to touch your stem
And when you hold me closely I am certain I can fly
    My perfect soul, my poet and my friend

Author notes

your naked beauty reminds me ‘the blooming flower’…Unknown.

This quote is a prompt.