Poetry by Jeff Green


Just four lips

by cricketjeff on August 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A kiss is when I touch your lips and wrap your heart in mine
    And sweep away the clouds that fill the sky
I brush your skin with fingertips and change my blood to wine
    Then teach each baby songbird how to fly

A kiss is just the start of bliss a kiss can change the day
    And spin the world so nothing is the same
I hold you tight inside my arms to show you how to play
    Then find that you have pipped me to my game

A kiss is when you change me from a child into a man
    And tell my heart that I belong to you
I feel you take up residence in all the life I plan
    Then teach me all the things I have to do

A kiss is just four lips in play and tongues that tickle teeth
    And also it’s when you are part of me
I grow three feet in height and feel you pass from underneath
    Then see the sides of you no-one can see

A kiss is when inside my head we’re naked and alone
    And all of you belongs inside my mind
I know that when I kiss you all my history has flown
    The you inside each kiss is mine to find

A kiss belongs to all the world and just to you and I
    And no-one else alive has known this joy
I know that when at last we kiss I’ll melt inside your sigh
    Then you will be the girl that won this boy