Poetry by Jeff Green


The Queen’s dinner guest

by cricketjeff on August 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

So sad the eyes that stare back at my own
And yet your flesh was sweet on which to dine
You know that life is only yours on loan
All mortal fools should know that they are mine
    I like to keep  the heads so I can see
    The final look of fear on those I killed
    The terrors of the men that I set free
    The memory of pain as life was spilled
This helpless wretch appeared to pledge his love
He thought that I would look on such a worm
I strung his feet from sturdy beams above
And sliced his flesh to watch the dullard squirm
    I’ll take his head to bed to feed my dreams
    They’ll fill with all the pleasure of his screams

Author notes

Yes, a little OTT for me I fancy