Poetry by Jeff Green


Three words

by cricketjeff on August 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

One million lines of poetry
Ten million pretty words
Describing leaves upon a tree
And feathers on the birds

One million verses cannot say
Ten million words too few
To sing the praises of the day
When you said “I love you”

The wonders Mother Nature grows
The beauties she reveals
Are not as pretty as your nose
Harmonious as your squeals

The best the world can give to me
Is mine you said tonight
For every line in poetry
Is less than you can write

The trees we praise in lyric verse
The thrilling songs of birds
Display an aspect so much worse
Than you and those three words

I’ll raise my glass and toast you now
And tell you some thing new
I’ll come to you, I don’t know how
To tell you I love you.

Author notes

You always have to write a love song before you go to sleep, it’s the rules!