Poetry by Jeff Green


The strangest of cakes

by cricketjeff on August 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now here is a treat that always for me
But who could have thought it was right
With sponge cake and jam in a flaky pastry
And covered in icing that’s white
Then smother the top with some coconut shred
The fool who first made one was right off his head

Now why it’s called cheesecake’s a mystery to me
It’s never been near any cheese
The jam that they use has no fruit you can see
The cake is a terrible tease
I don’t much like coconut shredded on not
But the mixture of all is a flavour that’s hot

Don’t Google for pictures there weren’t any there
And eating a picture is mad
Just dream of a cake that has coconut hair
The image you’re getting’s not bad
If you are in London, I’ll buy one for you
Then you can get hooked on a flavour that’s new

Author notes

Picture on the way when I buy one to photograph!

In Harrow, a suburb of the Great Wen.