Poetry by Jeff Green


Sunny sky thoughts

by cricketjeff on August 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When yesterday was filled with rain and dank and dismal skies,
The blues and gold of summer dawn are sweet.
The silver gilt of still wet roofs a picturesque surprise,
The blackbirds song of happiness, a treat.
The weather as you’re waking sets your mood up for the day,
Today I find my mood is set for poetry and play.

Across the sky dark clouds may roll and grey may form from blue
But I shall see the clarity above,
An open invitation for my heart to fly to you
The blue-gold morning filled my heart with love.
No Monday machinations can pour sadness in my soul
When dawn was brought by colours like two lovers on a stroll.

A balmy breeze delights the trees and asks their leaves to dance
While butterflies and bees attend to flowers.
The robin argues with his wife and doesn’t stand a chance
He’ll sit and sing his heart to her for hours.
Each sunny day that follows rain is like the dawn of time
Or poetry that sings to me with perfect flow and rhyme.

So I’ll get down to work the day and leave my mind to soar
‘Cross avenues of words that speak to you.
I’ll find the time to sing my joy in pretty metaphor
And hope that every line I write is new.
A summer day and far away on land across the sea
I hope you’ll sigh at clear blue sky and think a while of me.