Poetry by Jeff Green


A perfect day

by cricketjeff on September 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wonder if there’s ever been a really perfect day
A day that makes you smile inside for years
A day when all the troubles of the world can melt away
And nobody is crying any tears

If there was such a day as this, how would the morning start?
In lazy contemplation half asleep
Before a gentle stretching for the one who owns my heart
A kiss and something more I’d like to keep

Then tea in bed, a cooked breakfast, more tea, another kiss
And time to talk and idly wonder why
The sun would call us out to play to walk around like this
And birds and flowers are easy on the eye

A gentle stroll to find a game of cricket on the green
The pub is serving beef for Sunday lunch
The pudding comes with custard on, the most I’ve ever seen
The apple crumble makes a lovely crunch

A thin young man has made a ton, his girlfriend swells with pride
She’s such a pretty girl I have to smile
A traction engine driving past and we are asked to ride
And nothing else exists for quite a while

When evening comes the sky is clear the moon observes the mood
We drink a little wine and count the stars
A table in the garden more to drink and too much food
A life that’s only really fit for Czars

Then music fills the air around and love is calling loud
I’d fall inside your arms and never leave
There’s no-one else to see us but there’s just a single cloud
My perfect day is only make believe