Poetry by Jeff Green


Perfect little Princess

by cricketjeff on September 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a perfect little Princess in a castle far away
Who is waiting for some presents on a very special day
And later at her party there’ll be lots of games to play
Now Aneka the Princess has turned five

She has friends all gathered round her who will sing a birthday song
And a calculator buzzing as it tries to sing along
I’ll just mouth it rather silently in case I get it wrong
Now Aneka the Princess has turned five

There’ll be Birthday cake with icing and all sorts of other treats
And the children will be stuffing as they sit upon their seats
I’ve never seen a calculator grabbing lots of eats
And Aneka the Princess has turned five

On this special sort of birthday she’s the only one that counts
So she’ll be the biggest eater as she gobbles large amounts
But there isn’t anybody there who’s keeping the accounts
Now Aneka the Princess has turned five

I love her little poems and I love her pretty smile
And I hope that she can celebrate in just the proper style
So Aneka enjoy yourself, stay happy all the while
You’re the perfect little Princess and you’re five

Author notes

Happy Birthday Aneka!!!