Poetry by Jeff Green


Scenes from a dream

by cricketjeff on September 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The half told lies of clear blue skies that tell of sunny days
With clouds like fluffy pillows round the sides
While lover’s sighs immortalise the words of ancient plays
The imp that spoils the party runs and hides
A starlit night streams into sight and welcomes moonlights kiss
While meteors and planets decorate
Your eyes shine bright with pure delight in sweet angelic bliss
I know that all creation’s looking great
You hold my hand to understand the way I see your mind
And always let me kiss you on the lips
At your command, no soft demand, I hold you from behind
And play across you skin with fingertips
When summer showers extend for hours and keep us dry indoors
With games of love that only two should play
We watch the flowers absorbing powers and dream of wind-tossed moors
The perfect outdoor spot for us to stay
The tide-washed beach where love’s in reach and we can splash around
And waves like mighty chargers press their claim
The soft green bank where we both sank together on the ground
And then urged on by Cupid played the game