Poetry by Jeff Green


Making love

by cricketjeff on September 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My fingers trace the contours of your spine
Whilst I caress your nipples with my lips
Then plunge to take a taste of heady wine
And seek your secrets with my fingertips
    I’ll use my tongue to count each tiny mark
    And take the time to find them where they hide
    I’ll fan the flames ignited by my spark
    And find the answers to my dreams inside
You’ll rake my back and press me close to you
To feel our bodies merge from mouth to thighs
A bold accomplice in the things I do
And on your own the author of my sighs
    When I am making love to you this way
    My body says the words I need to say

Author notes

As ever I am unhappy with my couplet

My love in making love to you this way
I know that I’m in love with you to stay


My love in making love to you this way
I’m making real the way I feel each day

or something else?