Poetry by Jeff Green


Sandbanks beach in September

by cricketjeff on September 6, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The September seaside should be warm and inviting
not angrily wind-swept

The family making a sand castle should be
nearly naked and basking in the sun
not searching for shelter
wearing wellingtons
they should be eating ice-cream
not drinking large cups of exotic coffee

but the muscular windsurfers are delighted
the angry breakers smashing into the breakwaters
make an ideal playground for their art
and the three  admiring girls giggling together
don’t seem to mind the weather in the least

The brand new beach houses, are all tight shut
no gaggles of grandchildren visiting granny today
just a few hardy dog walkers pass the magnificence
of the only castle on the beach

And I
I stand alone at the end of the concrete path
driven into the sea as part of the new system for retaining sand
sand that is now blowing far inland, or across the spit
into Poole harbour

I stand gazing out to sea
and dreaming.