Poetry by Jeff Green


The offer

by cricketjeff on September 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She looked across her shoulder with a wink
But I was hardly looking at her eyes
Quite topless when she brought me in a drink
Her skirt was nowhere near her shapely thighs

Her tilt-tipped breasts had swayed before my face
Her naval was a whorl I longed to kiss
I’m pretty sure I saw another place
That interests a man about a miss

She saw the way my wallet hardly closed
And knew that I could show her something new
Within her mind a plan was now composed
To show me all the things that she could do

What lay in store I think I could presume
When asked to follow her up to her room

A night was spent with very little sleep
And I saw things most men can only dream
The secrets she revealed were very deep
She liked to be the cat that got the cream

In every way two lovers can unite
She showed me tricks that no-one would suspect
Although I didn’t feel the need to fight
By breakfast time I felt that I was wrecked

The day was spent in shopping round the town
My credit cards were soon as tired as me
But nothing ever seemed to bring her down
Her body is a sight you have to see

We parted friends of that you must be clear
I’m holidaying just the same next year

Author notes

double Shakespearean sonnet.