Poetry by Jeff Green


First love

by cricketjeff on September 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He bought the car her Father owned when she was still in school
The car in which her dreams were always set
She knew that was the reason and she knew she was a fool
But falling hard for him caused no regret
The smell of well used leather as she stretched out on the seat
The feeling on her naked legs, the story was complete

He loved the car and furnished it with every shiny part
So she decided that she’d fall for him
He gave his car his every thought and she gave him her heart
That was the reason Annie married Jim
The feel of ancient seating and the memories it stirred
The purring of the engine always stole her final word

It took three years of marriage ’til he let her drive alone
And straight away she ventured far and wide
Now all her cares were in the past her worries gaily thrown
She took the car for one immortal ride
For John had been the man back then when she first learned to drive
Now John was there for the encore and Annie feels alive!