Poetry by Jeff Green


A mighty dragon roars

by cricketjeff on October 6, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A sound that’s like no other
A monster man has made
A reminder life can’t smother
Emotions can’t be stayed
Starting with a gentle sigh
Rising to a roar
A sight that can excite the eye
Fills other senses more
The scent brings back my childhood days
But the sound’s the strongest link
A dragon changing all life’s ways
That memory won’t shrink
From every joint its lifeblood hissing
Its limbs all strain and crash
A life complete no part is missing
A trail of smoke and of ash
The sound fills up your senses
Powerful and loud
Every metal sinew tenses
Release must be allowed
The scream of stone beneath cold steel
The roar of steam released
The Earth is crushed beneath each wheel
Until the run is ceased
Shouts and running, men at work
To spread another load
No-one but me to stand and shirk
They’re steam-rollering a road!