Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on September 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I bought my car the bolt-on pack
Of spoilers stripes and fins
The engine tweaks give more “attack”
That’s where the fun begins
No little extra was refused
And Purdy looked on quite amused

Then off she went to “Moggies Plus”
A shop that’s down our way
She strolled on in with out a fuss
She had the cash to pay
No little extras were refused
And Purdy thought we’d be amused

She doesn’t run or jump herself
Such strain is just for dogs
But we keep treats up on the shelf
And all such cats are hogs
Some little extras are refused
And when they are she’s not amused

The bolt-on on pack for lazy cats
The poster advertised
“The chance to change your habitats
And make the world surprised”
Such temptations were not refused
And afterwards she was amused!

Her demo is now quite an earner
She draws a mighty crowd
As when she lights the afterburner
The purring’s very loud
Now nothing new can be refused
The whole world’s simply too amused

The rocket cat has changed our house
With singes everywhere
There’s never going to be a mouse
They simply wouldn’t dare
Feline requests can’t be refused
And Purdy’s always so amused

Until last night, the eighth of June
She went a little far
The first cat to attack the moon
She’s shining like a star
The challenge should have been refused
The local dogs are so amused

We’ve stripped the car of extras now
And bought a brand new cat
She only buys what we allow
And not too much of that
All upgrades now must be refused
I hope you all have been amused

Author notes

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