Poetry by Jeff Green


Seaside dreams (The silly version)

by cricketjeff on September 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The lace-crowned waves were crashing on the sand
Where you and I were dodging to and fro
The chase found us in games we hadn’t planned
A hue and cry against the tidal flow

We knew we had to end up soaking wet
But why else would we play upon the beach
The blue sea always has to win the bet
And dry’s not good when fun is just in reach

The hot sun dries the skin when play is through
And sea-chilled wine’s a taste that makes you smile
It’s not fun when the sand has stuck to you
I’ll be thrilled when you’re cleaner in a while

So next we chased to bathe the sand away
Not vexed we’re faced with chasing every day

Author notes

OK I guess I should delete this really far more to do with finding silly internal rhymes than writing a decent poem, but HEY i like rhymes!!!