Poetry by Jeff Green


Untying the knot

by cricketjeff on September 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ll speak to all who’ll hear about the news.
I know which plays are on and which to see.
I’ve faced an angry mob and aired my views
And told a baying zealot “speech is free”.
  No man has ever faced me down unheard.
  I’m confident of all I wish to say.
  My diction means they all hear every word
  And nobody can sweep my thoughts away.
But when you’re there I mumble like a fool,
I’m hardly heard above a gentle breeze.
I loved you when I met you back in school
But you have never seen me at my ease.
  You smile at me and seem to know it’s true,
  So tell me why can’t I say “I love you”.

A dozen years I’ve loved but never said.
I wish that I could learn to talk to you,
I have a thousand love songs in my head,
The most I’ve ever said is “How are you”.
  You giggle with your friends and do not know
  That I am here and lost inside your eyes.
  There has to be a way the I can show
  You are the author of my plaintiff sighs.
And then today a miracle occurred;
You walked across to where I sit to eat,
You looked at me and didn’t say a word
Just grabbed my tie and pulled me to my feet.
    Inside my mouth, inside our breathless kiss
    I heard you whisper “say it just like this!”

Author notes

A double Shakespearean sonnet