Poetry by Jeff Green


Writing it loud

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With metaphor that’s rich and raw and borne with easy grace
And language that is hewn from ancient rock
No half thought image fraught with taste to fill a pretty place
But painted bold and guaranteed to shock
She won’t make love but loves to fuck she calls a spade a spade
She casts out shit that makes her spit but talent is repaid

All fans of verse who love to curse are sure to love her words
Her talent is not easily denied
You’ll be aware that she would dare to liken life to turds
She never feels the need to run and hide
No hidden thoughts she calls cock cock if cock is what she means
Her language draws on johns and whores and sailors and marines

She writes a storm in free or form and tells the way life is
The boldest starkest writing that I know
Her hard fought past and measured blast provide her words with fizz
The seamy side of life is put on show
If motherfuckers fuck her off she’ll bury them in crap
She doesn’t deal in silent squeal she writes in thunderclap

Author notes

Cinnarry is an amazingly talented writer, but her word choice and mine are not similar