Poetry by Jeff Green


In the days beyond tomorrow.

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There are days when I’m despairing of a future for mankind
As he sells his ancient birthright for a song
When it seems this foolish primate’s left his common sense behind
Everything he finds to fix it turns out wrong
In the days beyond tomorrow when the world has been reborn
Will the memory of people be of rightful pride or scorn

Global warming may just drown us when the ice-sheets join the seas
And the forests may be deserts shorn of life
Monocultures are disasters when they fall foul of disease
And the West and East can find a cause for strife
In the days beyond tomorrow will there be a trace of man
Who is seeking self destruction in a generations span

Mother nature may disown us and our politicians snap
As they hurtle hell for leather to the end
There are rules that we have broken as we gathered on our lap
Every item that would let us help a friend
In the days beyond tomorrow we may pay the price for greed
As we wait in line for handouts or for crumbs on which to feed

This may seem a gloomy painting of a world that’s gone awry
And the worst may be averted very soon
Or we may have found salvation in the worlds that fill the sky
Now that NASA has found water on the moon
In the days beyond tomorrow I am sure that we will find
Ways to live at peace with nature and not kill off all mankind