Poetry by Jeff Green


White Terrors

by cricketjeff on September 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a pure white pane of torture where you want to place your life
    Where you know you have a thousand words to write
Still that mocking maze of whiteness seems to stab you like a knife
    It’s the dagger through your heart that ends the fight
You have started to control it with a faltering word or two
But the whiteness is too white tonight, there’s nothing you can do

I say to you it’s only fear, it’s nothing that is real
    That the whiteness is just white inside your mind
That the emptiness of paper’s just a terror that you feel
    You can close your eyes and leave it far behind
You know that you can beat it when you’ve dreamed a dream or two
So caress your muse with poetry that’s all you have to do

On the harsh white field of emptiness there are stories you can write
    Of the love that you are holding in your heart
There is music in the madness of your lonely writer’s blight
    And the poetry won’t finish once you start
Imagination conquers when you tell a tale or two
Then you paint them on the paper and that’s all you have to do

Now your paper isn’t empty it’s a poem for the eyes
    And your problem’s not a problem but a win
You may find that what you’ve written is a rather nice surprise
    For the dream is just the place where you begin
There are always poems in you, just look out for one or two
Then you capture them and write them and that’s all you have to do.

Author notes

I hope it will tickle you away from writers block it is inspired by your title suggestion Blank Paper but I didn’t like that as the title