Poetry by Jeff Green


As the sun sets over Eigg

by cricketjeff on September 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The evening comes to fold away the day
And pack up all the glories of the sun
The soft sky blue is slowly washed away
And threads of magic  gold are slowly spun
    The rock-strewn sea becomes a table top
    And mountains wreath themselves in glided clouds
    The World beyond the scene is at a stop
    A million years or more away from crowds
Before the night can occupy the sky
And spread her jewels upon the velvet sheet
The sun presents a tribute to the eye
In beauty such as this we are complete
    In Hebridean sunsets such as this
    The artist give the world a glimpse of bliss

Author notes

Tom Barron’s beautiful painting “As the sun sets over Eigg”