Poetry by Jeff Green


Dreams of flight, by kite, at night!

by cricketjeff on September 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to join the precious stones, the billion points of light
    All stretched across the velvet net of night
To touch the gifts the darkness owns across the heaven’s height
    While daylight scenes are hiding out of sight
The magic that the starlight loans will make my heart take flight
To try to hold the silver moon I’m flying on a kite

In times before the aeroplane men flew aboard a kite
    They always picked a crewman who was light
The bravest men were keen to train so they could make the flight
    I’d want to fly that way at dead of night
To see the scenes and then explain to those below the sight
And tell them how the world can look when seen from such a height

Throughout my life I’ve looked to find the way to gain most height
    To try to live much higher than a kite
I cannot take this from my mind my dreams embrace the sight
    A craggy cliff can fill me with delight
In bed I leave the day behind my dreams can fill the night
And in my dreams I’m not earth bound but have the gift of flight

And now the dreams that fill my head when fancies must take flight
    Are rising to achieve the greatest height
I’d add the scenes my dreams have fed to that immortal night
    The darkest hours are welcoming my kite
The vanity of dreams has led to me displaying light
And people all across the land are gazing at the sight

For such a game my heart provides there is a perfect site
    Where I could launch the dreamers into flight
The scenes the pilots wait besides are bathed in eerie light
    That they will see as magical from height
Come one and all to take your rides aboard the man sized kite
So you can tell your friends that you have flown with stars at night

The Queen would see my scheme succeed and dub me as a knight
    My family and friends applaud the sight
And then the Queen will see the need to soar upon my kite
    The royal approval settled on my flight
Her Majesty would surely seed the wish to rise to height
In every man whose heart is set on tasting all delight

And so each night there’d be a flight
Where every sight you get from height
Can give delight aboard my kite

Author notes

I don’t love the Sestina!!!

However I thought I’d give it a go, here’s a monorhymed version in extended ballad meter sixains with a bit of internal rhyme to make it fun.