Poetry by Jeff Green


Mistress of the night

by cricketjeff on September 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her smiling face captured me
signed her own doom
her eyes were the eyes of the night

followed her silently
learned where she lived
then planned how to make her my own

a “good evening beautiful,
can I assist”
when her car would not start (that was me)

she smile and she thanked me
then drove out of sight
the start of her end had begun

“a drink after work?”
a giggle and “yes”
I tasted her blood in my mind

her hands were so soft
as I took them to kiss
but softer than those were her lips

her eyes still her eyes
drove me on in my quest
the dark pools of night spoke of lust

my fingers enticed her
the white of her breasts
the soft silky feel of her thighs

I entered her easily
sighed at her sigh
drove her to love’s steady beat

the moment arrived
she was lost in my name
then a scream as my teeth found their mark

I drank to my fill
her sweet ruby wine
as she rode her pleasure and mine

now she walks at night
by my side all the while
and she sleeps in my bed every day

her wine is as sweet
and her lust is as strong
but now hers is the will that holds sway!