Poetry by Jeff Green


The nightmare box

by cricketjeff on September 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Inside the box, I found a box, a box that had a key
    A clockwork key to wind a music box
My grandma’s box, her magic box, the box she left to me
    Had summoned me to open up its locks
I turned the key, the clockwork key, the key that I had found
    And then I found the box began to play
The tiny key, the magic key, the key that I turned round
    At once turned round a face with words to say
I heard the words, the fateful words the words that cast the spell
    The dreadful spell that now I must obey
Such ancient words, my Grandma’s words, the words she sent from Hell
    And in a Hell I find I’m lost today
I have to dance, a devils dance, a dance that will not end
    There is no end until I’m danced away
It lets me rest, a fitful rest, a rest to fear my fate
    The awful fate my Grandma’s spell has cast
I need each rest, such little rest, the rests I’ve come to hate
    The spell of hate that came from Grandma’s past
A spark of hope, a final hope, the hope I have to hold
    The only hold I have on sanity
The last great hope, to end all hope, the hope I see as gold
    The prize of gold that means I may get free
The box runs down, its slowing down as down as I now feel
    At last I feel the spell has run its course
I struggle down, my dreams cast down, so down it is not real
    But it is real at last I’m freed from force
I take the box, the music box, the box that tried to kill
    It tried to kill me with its dance of death
I lock the box, inside a box, a box of iron will
    I know it will stay locked while I’ve the breath
And when I die, we all must die, the die I know is cast
    The spell will cast upon some other one
Who’ll wish to die, I wished to die, to die you’re free at last
    This curse will last until the world is done


Author notes

Well it isn’t a form as such, but you have to admit it is different!

The brilliant artwork is from deviantart :- http://manips-of-artist2.deviantart.com/art/THE-MACHINE-OF-DREAMS-97370735