Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on September 15, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Tonight I’ll lie beside my love, although she’s far away
    Across the sea in land I do not know
Tonight I’ll hold her in my dreams and teach her how to play
    Where life and love and lust are all on show
I hold my love inside each dream my lips caress her flesh
And far from now if lives allow we may at last enmesh

Tonight my love is here with me if I just close my eyes
    And feel the way her fingers trace my spine
Tonight my love has dreamed my dreams and sighed inside my sighs
    Her fingertips are now exploring mine
I take my love to where she’ll go and where our pleasures lead
There’ll be a time we share a clime and consummate our need

Tonight I know we’re making love and I can feel her here
    My body knows the way her body feels
Tonight I know the way to please the way to ease each fear
    I love the sights each night of love reveals
I love my love in every way and fill her with my dreams
Until the day that’s on the way when all is as it seems