Poetry by Jeff Green


Last love

by cricketjeff on September 17, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her pure white skin excites my questing eye
Naivety that’s begging to be spoiled
I take her hand and listen for her sighs
Tonight her perfect record shall be soiled

We dance and she responds to finger tips
That play across her skin with feather touch
She melts with lust beneath my teasing lips
How little time before she knows too much

Disrobed the beauty waits before her beast
With teasing pain I draw her to my arms
A single bite she screams so I can feast
A harvest from the fields of vampire farms

The climax of this act will be her last
The innocence of youth is swiftly passed

Author notes


Make it seductive, promiscuous, sexy, while
dark, evil, painful.