Poetry by Jeff Green


The Mermire

by cricketjeff on September 17, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She likes to swim with sharks and killer whales
The biggest and the fiercest she can find
And when she does each fearsome demon pales
They always know the thought that’s on her mind

This demon of the deep is not so frail
Although on land she feels as soft as silk
Her legs are merged to form a fishy tail
It’s seaweed green contrasts with her skin’s milk

Her teeth are needle points and long as knives
She’s faster than a swordfish on the chase
The denizens of deep will lose their lives
If they should meet this mermaid face to face!

You’d never guess the truth above the waves
But she sends sharks and divers to their graves!

Author notes

The picture is by Cannonsfire, who appears to have escaped the Mermire!