Poetry by Jeff Green


Before we met.

by cricketjeff on September 17, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before we met I think I knew that love was just a game
    But after you I find that I can win.
You showed me that the words are true, I need not hide in shame
    And even now my life can still begin.
You told me that I made each day a special day for you,
    That is the way you’ve always made me feel.
When you are here I want to stay and do the things you do.
    At last I know that love for me is real.
It is so long since I was loved, I thought I’d die that way
    But now I know I’m not always alone.
So here’s to you, you woke me up and showed me how to play
    And now I have a life I want to own.