Poetry by Jeff Green


Down with Teflon!

by cricketjeff on September 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It wasn’t that he told a lie, he thought that it was true
At least he thought that we would not find out
In modern life the men in charge just do what they must do
It matters that they never seem in doubt

It wasn’t that he dodged the blame, he simply passed the buck
He thought we’d think a scapegoat was OK
You only take the credit when something is right by luck
When things go wrong you quickly melt away

The ethics of the modern world have changed beyond compare
In days of old men stood by word and deed
The politicians of today don’t see the need to share
The winner is the one with greatest greed

Am I alone in thinking that the older way was best
When what he said was how you judged a man
Now it seems you finish first and balls to all the rest
I can’t believe this is a clever plan

I want a leader with the guts to say that he was wrong
To face the music then to say “I quit”
Not just a face with clever words a joke and then a song
Before you find that that’s the sum of it

It matters that you do things right, it matters that you care
It matters that you take your share of blame
When things go well you spread the praise you know you must be fair
When they go wrong make yours the only name!

Author notes

I’m fed up with public figures who take the credit for everything good (from the weather to the local football team winning) but have never made a mistake in their lives.