Poetry by Jeff Green


Autumn days

by cricketjeff on September 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ll slide inside your sunshine on this lovely Autumn day
  The Sun has started strolling ‘cross the sky
I’ve sent my mind to greet you and to take you out to play
  A clear blue dome inviting us to fly
No little fluffy pillows stain the perfect sapphire sheet
If you’ll fly across to meet me then my day will be complete

I’ve strolled across some parkland and I’ve smiled at everyone
  The World is looking pretty dressed in blue
I’ve sent an invitation for a little bit of fun
  I’m waiting for a yes to come from you
We’ll fly across the playground while the clouds are in their beds
And dance around for pleasure where the counterpane is spread

I’ve talked to tits and blackbirds and I’ve whistled carelessly
  While starlings squabbled noisily about
I’ve watched for crows and magpies as they played amongst the trees
  Been startled when a jackdaw had a shout
So come along and join me as I skate across the sky
We’ll soar amongst the swallows as they show us how to fly

Swoop down to pick some apples and the currants now they’re black
  The blackberries are ripe for us to eat
We’ll walk along the footpath that’s beside the railway track
  And pick our fill of fruit to keep us sweet
On perfect days of autumn there are many things to do
The day is never wasted when I spend the time with you

Author notes

It’s a gorgeous day!