Poetry by Jeff Green


Melvin the babysitter

by cricketjeff on October 9, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Chiané the springbok is practicing pronking
Gilbert the goose is busy with honking
Jack who’s a tiger, is roaring at bears
And those two silly snakes are sliding down stairs

Melvin is looking at the crowd, very glum
And wonders when they’ll go back home to each mum
Martha has taken the mums for a shop
Melvin-the-babysitter’s not too much cop!

But Melvin has though of a plan to get peace
He’ll take them all flying, with the help of his niece
But Melvin’s short sighted, and Paula is too
Flying indoors, not the best thing to do!

So when all the ladies get home rather late
The house, where they left them, is in quite a state!
And there in a heap all asleep on the floor
Are the noisy young children, with Melvin, and a snore!

Author notes

Option 4 for this contest.

For reference purposes Melvin is a dragon who appears quite regularly in my poems, all of the others mentioned do too, in particular Jack the Tiger and Chiané the Springbok who are alter-egos of children of friends.