Poetry by Jeff Green


Technicolor Dreams

by cricketjeff on September 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To dream in technicolor of a soft and sensuous kiss
  The breath of love on breasts so soft and white
To sleep on waves of pleasure in an avalanche of bliss
  To smile and know you’re needed through the night
When love has gripped your senses and your mind can float away
There’s nothing recompenses like a dream to end your day

The scenes of Mother Nature float around inside your head
  As lips and skin are joined in harmony
A soft erotic rhythm as you sleep inside your bed
  The music of a perfect symphony
When love is all you’re dreaming and your dreams are underway
You body’s always scheming for this way to end the day

You smell the scent of roses as the petals slowly part
  You peek inside the passion of the hour
A congress of the willing and the act of love can start
  The humming bird is visiting the flower
When love has bloomed forever and you know it’s there to stay
There isn’t any finer dream to end a busy day

Beneath the covers of your bed your body knows it all
  The way that relaxation has to grow
Inside the dreams that fill your head you’re answering the call
  The dreams have many pleasures still to show
The dream is just a promise of the prizes life can pay
And love is just fulfillment of each promise every day