Poetry by Jeff Green


Chiané the springbok

by cricketjeff on October 9, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Chiané the springbok likes bouncing about
First she bounced in, and then she bounced out
Chiané the springbok likes going to play
First she runs here, then she runs right away
Chiané the springbok in the park for a run
She runs all around and she runs just for fun
Chiané’s been running and bouncing all day
She’s run to her parents and run out to play
Chiané the springbok is quite still at last
The time for her bouncing has suddenly passed
Chiané the springbok is curled on the floor
She’s having a sleep so she can then bounce some more!

Author notes

Chiané the springbok, is a friend of Melvin’s. Well sort of…

And the daughter of a friend.