Poetry by Jeff Green


For the birds

by cricketjeff on September 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a robin at my window with a song
In the sunshine of the Autumn he’s alive
It may seem that to a robin nothing’s wrong
All he does is all he must do to survive

There’s a sparrow on the feeder eating seeds
To the sparrow I’m provider of the best
He just sings and I will answer to his needs
Doesn’t ever give a thought to all the rest

There’s a blackbird hunting gribblies on the grass
And his wife is sitting idly to one side
Every now and then she sings to make a pass
When a cat appears the two of them will hide

There’s a bluetit doing headstands on the nuts
Is he eating or just having lots of fun
I wonder if the birds think they are stuck in ruts
Filling roles they’ve been alloted one by one

With a sigh I must return to earning pay
I think I’d much rather be a bird today