Poetry by Jeff Green


Stuff and nonsense

by cricketjeff on September 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In rolling tetrameter I whack down a word
Or pick at a playful paeon
I’m idly iambic I’m always absurd
My Spondees spontaneously shone
Some frippery free verse some rhyme for a romp
Or sing out a song in sol fa
My anapaests are pretty when I’m in my pomp
But trochees are just what they are
This metrical musing is making me mad
I’ll stop it when I’ve had my fill
But sometime I wonder why I have to gad
Perhaps I am terribly ill
If I am not writing I’m humming inside
In meters I cannot explain
So if you like nonsense hop on for the ride
Lets see can I start it again?

Author notes

What the heck, I’ve had to work all day!