Poetry by Jeff Green


Suppose I propose?

by cricketjeff on September 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Throughout the day today, I kept my mind at play
And then tonight, all night; I’ll try to treat you right
You’re always a delight, and such a perfect sight
I truly have to say, I’m glad you came to stay
Remember back in May, that seems so far away
We nearly had a fight, and that was such a fright
I’m glad there was no spite, you set my world alight
Avoiding that affray, has made my life OK

And now you show me how, you live up to the vow
And we can each endow each other with our now
This love is not a game, and there ain’t any shame
I know it is for real, because of what I feel
You see you are to blame, for making me so tame
So on my knees I kneel, please answer my appeal

Author notes

Well I guess it is a French sonnet, because in amongst all the rest of the rhyme there is an abbaabba ccdede scheme going on, and it is in iambic hexameter too.