Poetry by Jeff Green


Frollicking and rollicking

by cricketjeff on September 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He teases and pleases and squeezes Louise’s
She wriggles and giggles and hopes for much more
She freezes he eases the action reprises
As both of them head for the pleasures in store

Ignition, fruition her sweetest submission
Erection protection and then he’s inside
His mission emission like nuclear fission
And she seems content she’s along for the ride

It’s nearing she’s cheering the hazes are clearing
She’s ready he’s steady and going to blow
Appearing endearing the ship she is steering
Is happily docking the action’s below

A riot of rhyming of lust and of passion
Has lead to a climax in classical fashion

Author notes

well I suppose it’s a sonnet of sorts