Poetry by Jeff Green


Not with a bang

by cricketjeff on September 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

His saddened eyes now watched her slow decline
From haughty Princess to a wizened shell
She once had stood for all that’s rich and fine
But now she sat within a living Hell

When first they met she graced the gossip page
More beautiful than any other star
More famous for her smile than screen or stage
Now empty eyes don’t get her very far

The drink and drugs will always take their toll
And she had had more than her share of each
She sits to play her latest greatest roll
A tragedy where death is not in reach

The brightest light that ever graced the sky
He knows within his heart she wants to die

Author notes

I saw a picture in the paper which prompted this, but it wasn’t my paper I cannot now find it.