Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on October 9, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

May I introduce my good friend Liz
The hottest girl that I think there is
She’s a four foot five inch bundle of fun
And more than a match for anyone!

Her hair is red and she’s freckly too
She may well have her eyes on you
A five stone ten pound bundle of joy
Who can knock the spots off any boy

Her temper’s quick and passion hot
The sort of girl you’d love a lot
She is four foot five of sex on a stick
Who can get any man, and get him quick!

Two pert breasts that catch the eye
A wiggle of the hips says she’s not shy
A five stone ten pound sex machine
The sexiest miss you’ve ever seen

Short of stature not of fire
She fills all men with raw desire
Just four feet five of English rose
She’ll keep you dancing on your toes

My good friend Liz is only small
In sex appeal she’s eight feet tall
She’s five stone ten pounds used just right
And the man she’s with has a very good night!

Author notes

Sadly she’s all in the mind, but if you know anyone like her. YOU LUCKY MAN!!!