Poetry by Jeff Green


A dream

by cricketjeff on September 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A dream can stretch from here to there and hold you in its heart
A dream can keep you safe and warm at night
A dream can be the promise of the life you want to start
A dream can be the way you make things right

A dream is all you ever want it’s all that there can be
A dream is just a wish you do not own
A dream is all I have that keeps you as a part of me
A dream is what you need when you’re alone

A dream of life beyond today when all you need is there
A dream of love with one who loves you too
A dream of hope is what you have pretending life is fair
A dream of all I need’s a dream of you

A dream or two or maybe more a dream of love to share
A dream or two is what it’s for I dream you everywhere

Author notes

There was a contest for anaphora (the rhetorical device of repeating the start of each phrase) but I didn’t notice it said no rhyme