Poetry by Jeff Green


Alperton Autumn

by cricketjeff on September 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

September sun has chased the grey away
And lit the evening sky with golden fire
I sat beside a Church at lunch today
And watched a kestrel swooping past the spire

The leaves on trees still hang in Summer’s green
But ripened fruit now joins them on the boughs
The dirty urban river looked serene
Though junkyard cars don’t look as cool as cows

The roar of diesel engines filled the air
But dulled by hedges almost didn’t count
You find the joys of nature everywhere
The only thing to change is the amount

While Alperton is not a country town
In golden sun it’s not just grey and brown

Author notes

I’ve just started a new job in Hangar Lane not the most beautiful area squeezed between Alperton and Ealing and home to a notorious “gyratory system” (roundabout on steroids) but even here you find little green oases and a very sad looking River Brent.