Poetry by Jeff Green


In reply to a poem by Mairi bheag

by cricketjeff on September 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You speak of my lady, my mistress, my love
And the men who created perfection.
Who could soar to the heights, like a Barbary dove
And whose works never fall to inspection.

You speak of the best that our race can have known
And the gift of the past to the now.
Of the mighty oak tree that we gardeners have grown
And the beauty its leaves can allow.

You speak of the soul of the nations of Earth,
Of the words that their sons shyly penned,
Of the tool that gives poets their art and their worth
And that all who can feel should defend.

You speak of the men who have tended this tree
And before it gave heart to the land.
Of Shakespeare and Chaucer, then Mairi and me
It’s a poem we all understand.

You speak in a way that can set minds afire
And the men who have tindered the fuse.
You stock up the flames of a latent desire
And you’ve given the air to your views.

You speak of the love that all thinkers should share,
Of the lady they’ll worship and tend.
You speak of the greats and their words on the air
And I say you nailed it my friend.

Author notes

There are, on this site, a very large number of talented poets and a few who stand head and shoulders above the rest of us. One such is Mairi bheag she penned a masterpiece here http://allpoetry.com/poem/4631861 I felt the need to respond and she asked me to promote the comment to a poem, it needs a little work here and there which I shall do today I hope but here it stands for the moment.

Thank-you Mairi