Poetry by Jeff Green


Nil illigitemi carborundum

by cricketjeff on September 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You can think of each day as a match you must play
  And the way that you win is take part
First the coaches may say take a pass on the way
  Get involved you’re the best you have heart

When the Sun’s in the sky then your spirits are high
  And the game is just part of your life
But when things make you cry and your hopes will not fly
  All you do seems to end up in strife

Never let yourself go you’ve more guts you can show
  Giving up is for others not you
They may go with the flow you have more of a glow
  Every day many chances are new
When one door has been locked or a gate has been blocked
  Look around there are ways to get by
Other folk maybe shocked when your heart is restocked
  And you show them a new way to fly

If you’re knocked off your paws in the great out of doors
  You get up from the ground every day
Whether eagle that soars or a lion that roars
  You can’t sit back and give it away

Take a look you can see there’s a bird in the tree
  He has fledglings who need all his care
But his singing is free he sounds happy to me
  And he joyously takes to the air

With a kangaroo hop you’ll be back at the top
  Scoring goals making points having fun
No reason to stop you just shop till you drop
  Never doubt you can win you’re the one!!!