Poetry by Jeff Green


Happily ever after

by cricketjeff on September 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

This feisty fairy found the magic mirror all alone
    And summoned up the spell to meet a mate.
Before the fairy found it it was working on its own
    And settling the great affairs of state.
The mirror isn’t happy, so it plays a little joke,
The fairy’s hopes of happiness may disappear in smoke.

From foaming fogs that seem to sing an image soon appears,
    A mediaeval castle on a hill.
So dark and black and overgrown, forgotten through the years
    And deep within its curtain all is still.
“You’ll find your doom, in tower room, atop that brooding pile.”
The nymph now thinks she’s struck it rich and flies off with a smile.

Two hundred years ago a witch was not the least amused
    When she was told to pack her broom and fly.
She left in haste but was not chased, the courtiers were bemused
    By dreadful spells that echoed from on high.
“You’ll have to sleep and rot away until the wedding day”
The foolish folk will have to stay while years are whiled away.

    The fairy flies to find the room
        Where magic says she’ll meet her doom.
    The mirror whispers to each cat
        “I wonder what she’ll make of that”
    The nasty glass is filled with glee,
        At all the sadness he will see.
    Yet things are seldom as they seem,
        When fairy folk begin to dream.
    I know that you will understand –
        There’s been a change in fairyland.
    Our fairy is a modern girl
        The mirror’s scheme is in a whirl.

Asleep in bed atop the tower, with dreams of whips and boots
    And not to wake without a loving kiss.
The fairy flies to meet her fate, and follow her pursuits,
    She’s such a bold and sexy little miss.
Prepared to kiss, and more besides, to get the love she’s craved.
I wonder if she thinks about the others she’ll have saved.

She finds the room, the sleeping royal, it’s all that she has dreamed,
    A perfect end to quite a tiring flight.
The mirror sees and worries that it’s not as he has schemed
    Instead of wrong it’s turning out quite right,
The princess wakes to fairy kiss and finds a perfect day,
Who would have guessed the fairy and the princess are both gay!

In modern times two girls can wed and so they tie the knot;
    The castle wakes to gaiety and joy.
The ancient days have passed away, their bigotry forgot.
    It’s girl on girl and also boy on boy.
So everyone is happy with the way the story ends,
I wish that life was just the same as all my let’s pretends.

Author notes

The picture is the prompt and is Secret Visions by manips-of-artist2 on deviantart

Sorry about the word count it’s not a lot over …