Poetry by Jeff Green


Much rhyme no reason

by cricketjeff on September 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I flew to you across the sky
Before I saw that you were here
The world unfurled before my eye
And then again the scene was clear

You said the bread was nice and fresh
I diced and sliced some fruit to eat
Outside we fried some cattle flesh
Quite late we ate the final sweet

At night the sight of stars above
The birds said words to you and me
They squawked we talked of life and love
I knew they flew quite awkwardly

The morn was born before we slept
And how the now erupted gold
Away with day the night still crept
But I would sigh “I’m getting cold”

The time for rhyme has nearly passed
And so I’ll go quite quietly
No sense expense is spared at last
To score some more will be for free

I’ve asked as tasked in rhyme for you
A lot of rot that sounds quite swell
This dope will hope he’s met the cue
Too bad this lad must surely smell!!!

Author notes

Option #1 Be creative with your words and write a poem

that rhymes and doesn’t make much sense.