Poetry by Jeff Green


All day

by cricketjeff on September 30, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If I saw you in the morning would the Sun appear to shine?
Next to you he’s just a dullard in disgrace.
Every time I see your eyes I get taste of vintage wine,
Has there ever been a more enticing face?

If I saw you after noon would any day be cold and grey,
When for me you are the Sun above the clouds?
Every time I feel your lips I find there’s nothing left to say
And I’ve forgotten all the don’ts and not alloweds.

If I saw you after tea would every evening be the same?
Would I ever feel the need to say goodnight?
Every time I hold your hand I know that I have won the game
And a hand appears to turn down every light.

If I saw you late at night would any night be spent alone
When your arms were there for me and open wide?
Every time I start to dream I know I want you for my own
And in my dreams I never need to run and hide.

If I see you any time then I will surely want to stay
So I can be beside your side for quite a while.
Every time I think that life has just begun to slip away
I think of you and then I know I’ll start to smile.