Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on October 2, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A moonlit walk, a perfect night, the stars’ conspiracy;
I thought that I was happy all alone.
A half-heard laugh, a new born smile, to end complacency
In forty yards I found that I had grown.
You changed my mind, you changed the world, you changed my history.
By asking me the way to go you changed the whole of me.

A riverside, an Autumn mist, I said I’d lead the way,
Beneath the moon we walked and talked at night.
We never reached the friend you sought, we walked to meet the day
And then we stopped to watch the morning light.
Your lips, my lips, your hands and mine, we lost the way we were.
I never dreamed that days like this were fated to occur.

I met you on a moonlit night and now the moon is ours;
She takes us out for walks and pours our wine.
We stand inside her perfect light and wile away the hours,
Yours is the only heart that’s truly mine.
Two lonely souls who fell in love, two lives that touched by chance,
A meeting missed, a meeting made and now an endless dance.

Author notes

I found you on a walk in moonlight