Poetry by Jeff Green


The facts by me (aged 10 and 1/2)

by cricketjeff on October 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

First my Mummy loved my Daddy and my Daddy loved my Mum
They decided they would love to have a me.
So my Daddy cuddled Mummy in a Mummy Daddy way.
Then they had to wait for months so they could see.

It was all a lot of effort but they tell me I was planned
And I was the very best that they could do.
There is another thing that I will never understand
Did they really need to get my brother too?

Now there is another story, that I heard from Peter Wright
And Peter has a sister SO IT’S TRUE!!!
That the things that all our Mummies like to do with Dads at night
Is important when they want to get a you.

First the Daddy looks at Mummy and his thing starts getting large
And the Mummy looks at Daddy and says “YUM”.
Then they send the kids to bed and really sound like they’re in charge
And then Dad starts making growling sounds at Mum.

There’s a lot of sloppy kissing and a lot silly play …
And then Mum and Dad start getting in the nude
Dad’s thing fits into Mummy in a most peculiar way
And the rest of what he told me was TOO RUDE!!!

Author notes

This is for the ten year old in you.

I want you to write a rhyme or free verse in the voice of a ten year old child
explaining the facts of life. I want to see the world through your eyes.