Poetry by Jeff Green


The lords of night

by cricketjeff on October 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In times before the world was changed
In lands we never knew
Two mighty armies were arranged
To give their foes their due
The banners that the troops unfurled
Showed all the kings of all the world

In silver helms with coal black shields
The lords of night stood tall
They’d come in ships from foreign fields
To make the rest seem small
Their King was known as George the Wild
He’d fought a Sphynx when but a child

The men of Dree stormed like the sea
And occupied one hill
They all were free and liberty
Would guide their passion still
Without a King they fought for right
Against those dreadful lords of night

The Tritons and the mermaids too
Were gathered by the lake
Their archery would kill a few
No prisoners to take
Their Queen was tall and brave and fair
A Helm of gold was all she’d wear

Before the Lords the Trolls stood fast
Each stronger than a tree
They job to blunt the first great blast
Then eat the best of Dree
Their swords were huge and made of stone
A troll was worth three men alone

The Elves would stand beside the men
Defiant clad in white
Their aren’t as many now as when
They fought against the night
Would silver swords see out the day
When all these armies start to play

A bugle call a headlong charge
And arrows filled the air
On iron shod feet on orphants large
There’s fighting everywhere
The dragons and the eagles dive
It’s hard to tell who’s still alive

The armies of two hundred kings
The demons and the rest
All fought the fights the minstrel sings
To see who’d prove the best
The trolls were first to cut and run
The final victory begun

The lords of night were brave and grim
The men of Dree were true
The allies fought while days grew dim
And blood ran red and blue
The elves and freemen held their ground
While good and evil died all round

We’ll never see them fight again
To many died that day
The ground was broken by the pain
The past was torn away
Our Earth is but a passing shade
Of all the glories then unmade

In dreams you see the men of Dree
The elves the mermaids too
The world they left is still not free
They’ve left that up to you
So if you want all that is right
Stand up and fight the lords of night