Poetry by Jeff Green


BBC Breakfast

by cricketjeff on October 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When Sian and Bill can only tell the worst
With politics and finance on the slide
At least you’ll know you knew disaster first
With film stars on the sofa to one side

When British teams are held to boring draws
And records tumble in another game
There’ll be a cheerful face to read the scores
And tell us all the managers to blame

A Minister and shadow pick a fight
Behind one head a fool makes rabbit ears
The viewers know that neither one is right
They told us all the same for many years

The time is up no longer can you shirk
You’ll have to run or miss the train to work

Author notes

While eating my Weetabix this morning BBC Breakfast TV was on in the background, I mis-heard what they were after, they wanted 2 line poems but this is what I wrote